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So, Heidi and I have decided that on Fridays we are going to give weekly book recommendations.  Well…sometimes it might be movies, or sometimes nothing at all.  It really just depends on our moods, and whether or not we have read (watched) anything worth recommending.  Pretty much, what this means is that we won’t talk about anything that we would give anything less than 3 stars to on Goodreads.

For this first week, I’m going to go ahead and recommend the first book of “Wool” by Hugh Howey.  I might come back and recommend all 6 books later, but the reason for the choice is that I just finished book 2 last night, and it was pretty darn good.

“Wool” takes place in a post apocalyptic future.  The air outside is like acid, so everyone lives in underground silos.  To say that you want to go outside is forbidden, and if you are overheard then you are sent outside to do a cleaning, which is certain death.  The first book follows Sheriff Holston, a broken man grieving the loss of his wife.

I can’t really say more than that on what the book is about without giving anything important away, but lets just say that the ending took me completely by surprise, and I read several paragraphs into the second book before it really sunk in that the first one was over.  It was a great read, and if I were still rating books on Goodreads I’m thinking it deserves around 4 stars.  The characters were likeable, the setting easy to picture, and it really didn’t waste much time getting right into the story.  If you like science fiction or dystopian novels, check out “Wool.”  If you like something fluffy and happy, well maybe I’ll recommend one of those next week.