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As I’m sure most of you have heard, a large part of writing is simply BIC, or “Butt in Chair.”  And I agree with that.  There are plenty of mornings when I don’t feel like writing, but I force myself to just sit at my desk and get working, and eventually the words start to flow.

I recently read a post by Jennifer R. Hubbard about the walking writer, and while I think writing on a treadmill sounds insane, she makes a valid point: there’s something about getting the blood flowing in your body that seems to get your mind flowing better as well.

Kelly Creagh, the author of the fabulous book Nevermore (a gothic love story centered around Poe’s stories – what’s not to love?) wrote that a writer should write, but also do something else.  For her, that something else is belly dancing.  Personally, I’m a terrible dancer, but for years I did competitive Judo.  Now that I’m old and lazy, I’ve switched over to a new sport: trail running.

Because no trail run is complete without a dog…

Both Kati and I have completed one ultramarathon already, and we’ve just signed up for our second one in August.  The thing I love about trail running is you are only competing with yourself.  That, and you get a T-shirt and really delicious aid station food (m&ms, potatoes dipped in salt, mmm…). Since my competitive days are long over, I take my time and enjoy being one of the back-of-the-packers, just along for the ride.  My goal at every race is just to finish.

Kati and I usually use our training sessions as “writing” sessions, going over ideas for Mystic Cooking and figuring out new plot twists, and honestly, that’s worked really well.

So, how about you? What do you do to supplement your writing?