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Today’s HP moment brought to you by Heidi (inspired by Jae’s post):

20120912-060219.jpgLast year I went running with my husband, Sean, in the aptly-named Fall Creek park. After racing two miles downhill on a lovely single track, I caught my foot on a root and tumbled, spraining my ankle. It was pretty bad; I felt it crunch as I went over and I couldn’t immediately stand back up without support, but I knew I had to get up and move quickly or it would puff up like a blowfish and then I’d really be stuck.

So, after finding me a good, sturdy branch to use as a walking stick, Sean and I turned and began trudging back uphill for two miles. Well, he trudged, I hobbled along. “You know, you look just like Harry Potter with your wizard’s staff,” Sean said helpfully.

I glared at him. “Harry Potter doesn’t have a staff. He has a wand. You’re thinking of Lord of the Rings.”

“Hmm,” he agreed. “So, who would be better to have in a battle against the orcs? Gandalf, or Harry Potter?”

I started to get even more annoyed. “That’s a ridiculous question. There are no orcs in Harry Potter.”

“So clearly Gandalf would be a better wizard to have on your side, then, eh?”

I limped along faster, practically slamming my walking stick into the ground as I thought of a good angry response. Then I realized…”hey, you’re willingly having a conversation with me about Harry Potter?”

He shrugged.

“You must really feel bad for me, huh?”

“A bit.”

I chewed on that for a while. “You know, if I was Harry Potter, I could use accio car right now and this whole ordeal would be done,” I decided.

“Since you’re not, you get to hike your accio up this hill instead,” he said cheerfully.

And before I knew it, we were back at the car. Which made me realize two things. First, I am way nerdier than I should be, but secondly and much more important, it’s amazing how strong a good story can be. If I had to hike up that hill in silence, I’d have nothing but the throbbing in my ankle to dwell on with every single step. Instead, I was thinking about Harry Potter, and that took my mind off my own pain and made the return hike not nearly so bad.

Anyone else have a story like this? What books do you think about when you’re trying to distract your mind?