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The picture I drew above was inspired by a pumpkin carving contest that I saw pictures from last year.  The contest winner used these huge pumpkins to carve out quirky faces that were just so full of personality, that I had to imitate them in my drawing.  I wish I could find the link so I could should you these pumpkins…anyways, now I have several of these faces that I’ve been working on in pen and ink, which you’ll probably be seeing more of throughout this month.

But the point of this post is really that you never know where you’re going to find your inspiration from.  For example, this whole contest/goal that I set for Mystic Cooking (the blog) for the month of October, I got the idea because I really love Halloween and wish that it lasted a whole month.  In fact, I love Halloween so much that book two of Mystic Cooking is going to start during The Week of Masks, a holiday that is pretty much inspired by Halloween, and the idea that it should last longer than a day.

So, what has inspired you lately in your writing?