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Thank you Heidi for your very kind post. >: (

Now, the real reason I love Halloween is not because it’s the one time of the year that I blend in, but more or less because I have a lot of really fond memories of it, and I think the whole pagan idea behind trying to scare off evil spirits is really fascinating.  But Halloween pretty much became my favorite holiday when I was really young, and for a few years I got to work in a haunted house.

I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a reason to really love a holiday, but seriously, it was not only an excuse to jump out and scare random strangers, but a mission to.  There was this one particular table that I remember going by before I worked there, and someone jumped out and scared me so badly that I hopped straight up into my dad’s arms, just like a cartoon character.  So when I started working there, that was the spot that I claimed as my own, and I scared a lot of people there.

Since then, I’ve gone on loving Halloween, even though I do miss working at that haunted house.  But now a days I just look at all the decorations, costumes, and even sometimes do some pumpkin carving, and I save scaring people for only the people I know and like.  Take for example this one time when both Heidi and I were still in high school, and our parents were gone on vacation for a week.  I know most kids probably would have used that time to further advance their social skills, but not us.  No, we used that time to get better at scaring the crap out of one another.

Anyway, one night I knew Heidi would be rounding the corner into her room to go to bed, so I hid to scare her.  Unfortunately, the house we grew up in was pretty old, and sounds traveled kind of weirdly.  To make a long story short, she rounded the corner sooner than I expected scaring me, so I screamed, the blood-curdling scream of someone who had just come face-to-face with a terrible creature of darkness.  And since I had a look of pure terror on my face, she screamed.  I swear, I must have lost years off my life with the scare, but we both look back on it and laugh.  We can only imagine how stupid we looked standing face to face screaming at one another.

Well, that was my scarey story, so what’s yours?  Or better yet, what’s your favorite Halloween memory?