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Hey, ten days in and we’re still doing our October 31 posts – yay us! So, in the spirit of Halloween, I thought it might be fun to talk about fictional fears.  What does your main character fear?

In our novel, Mystic Cooking, our main character is a sixteen-year-old chef who specializes in mystical creatures, creating such delicacies as kraken calamari, or basilisk fish soufflé.  Since she hunts her own food, there’s not too much that scares her…except for chickens.

Why chickens? Well, when we first started writing about Lailu (our MC), Kati and I thought it would be fun to give her a very bizarre fear.  After all, most people have something they’re scared of for no good reason.  In Lailu’s case, however, she has a very good reason for fearing chickens, especially fire-breathing ones, a reason she doesn’t want to talk about.  Here’s a short excerpt:

Lailu scowled at him, her hand clenching around her teacup.  “You are the sneakiest, snakiest, worst, most obnoxious…” she trailed off, trying to think of other insults.

“Go on.  Tell me what you really think,” Ryon said, chuckling.

Lailu took a deep breath.  “You’re worse than, than a fyrian chicken!” she finally decided.

Ryon stared at her a moment, then let out a huge bark of a laugh.  “Worse,” he guffawed, “than a chicken? Oh, sweetie, you have got to work on your insults!”

Lailu gulped down the rest of her tea, trying to ignore him as he laughed and laughed.  With any luck he’d choke on his own laughter, and that would be one less problem she’d have to deal with.  When he was finally quiet again, she glanced up at him.  His eyes were still twinkling more than they had a right to, but at least he’d stopped making that horrible noise.  “Feel better?” she snapped.

“Much,” Ryon agreed pleasantly.  “I knew there was a reason I liked visiting you.”

Lailu pulled a face.  “Whatever,” she muttered.  “And just so you know, there’s nothing as vile, as treacherous, as scheming as a fyrian chicken.  They’re awful!” She could still remember that first failed hunting trip, the sound of its scratching chicken feet behind her, the heat on her backside—

So, how about your characters? Any irrational fears?