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Today’s another fiction Friday, and keeping with our Halloween theme I though I’d recommend “Anna Dressed in Blood” by Kendare Blake.  What’s better than a heart warming love story about a boy and a murderous ghost?  Well, add the fact that ever since the boy’s father was gruesomely killed by another murderous ghost, that boy’s main mission in life has been to hunt down these spirits and more or less kill them again.

This book is well written and the main character, Cas, is pretty likeable, along with his little scooby gang.  Anna, for all that she’s a murderous ghost, is a pretty cool character, too.  There were a couple of plot points that I felt weren’t explained well enough, but I’m hoping that will be remedied in the sequel.  But all and all it’s a good book, and I thought it had at least a couple really creepy moments, so I would definitely recommend it for this Halloween season.

And to stay on the whole cover art kick, I feel the cover for “Anna Dressed in Blood” has everything going for it.  So, check it out, and if you don’t mind some scary moments in your books, give it a read.