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Now that we’re starting to get well into our 31 posts for October, I figured what’s a month of Halloween without at least one good ghost story.  So, here’s a ghost story that was told to me a few years ago, and every time I’ve told it since it has given me the chills.  This will be my first time ever writing it down and I’m going to try to write it as close to how it was told to me as possible.  Well, here it goes…

I really want to put some scary writing in the shadow later. 🙂

Some years back, probably a little over a decade ago, four college kids decided to rent a house together.  They found one that fit their needs, and like a lot of east coast houses, it sat back a bit in the woods, so they wouldn’t have to worry about noisy neighbors, or neighbors complaining about them being noisy if they decided to throw a party or two.  It was everything that they needed at the time, except every time the sun set, they heard noises coming from the attic.

Strange noises, like something large was up there, or several somethings.  Noises like the kids had never heard before, but any time any of them went to look in the attic, they saw nothing.  So they all swore to each other that none of them would ever stay there by themselves after sunset.

Early one morning, three of the kids decided to do a small trip, leaving the fourth kid, Sara, alone.  She knew that her friends planned to be gone only for several hours, but since she had a large project due, she could not go with them.  So after they left she settled herself down to work, and work some more.

Hours flew by, and before Sara realized it sounds starting coming from the attic.  And sure enough, she looked up and the sky had turned red with the last rays of the daylight.  Her friends should have been back a long time ago, but what really got her on edge was the noises from the attic.  The noises sounded different somehow.  They sounded louder and angrier than ever.

Terrified, she threw together a bag to go stay at a nearby hotel for the night, and she was just about to leave when John, one of her housemates returned.

“Oh, thank god you’re here,” she all but sobbed to him, and then she told him how the noises in the attic sounded different from normal.

He stood there and listened to Sara, and listened to the noises, then did something very uncharacteristic for him, and headed upstairs and into the attic.  Out of all the housemates, John had been the only one who had never been up into the attic before.  As soon as he got there, the noises stopped.  The silence held for a few tense moments, then John came bursting out of the attic, and running down the stairs.

“We have to leave, now!” he said.

Sara could hear the fright in his voice, but more, she could hear that the noises from the attic had resumed, and they were even angrier and louder now.  Not wasting any more time, she ran outside and jumped into her car, driving off, assuming that John had done the same, and that night she stayed at a hotel room.

The next day, Sara’s other two housemates called her.  They had all gotten into a huge car accident the day before, and John had not survived the crash.  He had died around noon.

I thought a demonic looking picture would be fitting for this post. What’s even more amusing is the actual drawing I did of this picture in pen and ink I have named “Snow Child.”

Well now, that was my story.  Like I said, I tried to tell it pretty much exactly how it was told to me, without spicing up any of the details.  Granted, I gave Sara and John their very unique names, but that was the only changes I made to the story.  Now, I don’t know if this story is true or not, but I do know that the person who told it to me was under the impression that it was.  In any case, do you have any good ghost stories to share?