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Okay, this isn’t really Halloween-related…except for this picture which Kati kindly provided:

Last year, I didn’t trust Heidi with any knives, so we had to draw on our pumpkins with sharpies instead of carving them.

There.  Now, moving on, I have a reading challenge for all you YA writers out there.  I was perusing thehopefulheroine’s lovely blog recently and saw that YALSA had released the list of the Top Ten YA books for the year.  These are books chosen by teens, and embarrassingly enough I’ve only read two of the books on the list.  So I’ve decided that has got to change, and will be attempting to read the other eight books before the end of the year.

How about you? Have you read all of these books? Do you agree with the list, or is there a crucial book missing?