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Us at the start of a previous race

It’s getting to be about that time…holiday time! Kati and I are going to be celebrating Halloween this year by suffering.  Yes, we will be “running” (I use the term loosely) a 50k the weekend before Halloween.  That’s about 31 miles of blood, sweat, and tears.  Mostly tears.  At least for me.  🙂

We’ll be doing the Whiskeytown 50k in Redding, CA.  It’s supposed to be really beautiful, with lots of little waterfalls and a dozen fun water crossings.  Plus plenty of hill climbing. Kati and I have a strict rule about hills: if it’s more than a 10% incline, it’s time to walk.  We make up for it by really flying down the downhill sections, though, which is pretty much the whole reason I do these trail runs.

So how about you? How are you planning on bringing in the holiday?