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Seriously now, what is up with it?  We are over half way through the month of October, and one week we’re getting temperatures in the 60s, then the next week we’re getting mid 80s.  I am completely jealous of all of you enjoying nice, brisk, REAL autumn temperatures, and posting pictures of trees with their red and gold leaves.

But speaking of the weather, that’s a detail Heidi and I have been discussing for our sequel.  Book 2 of Mystic Cooking takes place during what is essentially fall, but it’s an island country that is well known not only for their Academy with its chefs, heroes, scholars, and the like, but also for their fine wines.  So that’s something we’ve been researching into a bit, what sort of climate is needed to produce world-class grapes for world-class wine.

So, does climate play an important role in any of your novels?  Also, have you read any books recently that used weather effectively to make the world feel more real?  And have you read any books recently where it seemed to be a forgotten about as the characters lived in essentially a bubble of perfect weather?