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First of all, I would like to ask: does anyone have a good book recommendation for a light-hearted YA fantasy novel?  I just finished Tamora Pierce’s “the Immortals” series for around the 1 millionth time and now I’m looking for a YA novel with a similar tone and at least some magical elements.  I prefer the book not to be a fairytale retelling…not that I have anything against those, I’m just not really in the mood for one at the moment.

Last night I was looking for such a book, and I thought I found one that would be quite perfect amongst my Nook samples.  The cover art and title screamed YA fantasy, and the style of the cover’s illustration was really fun.  Naturally, I had high expectations, and I gave the sample a try.  I didn’t even make it past the first paragraph when those expectations were shattered like a dropped vase.

A page in there was descriptions of a gruesome mass murder that would have made even Anita Blake cringe.  But unlike the Anita Blake books, the blow of these descriptions was not softened by dry wit, sarcasm, and gallows humor.  Let’s just say, I quickly came to the conclusion that the book was not what I was looking for.  When I want creepy and potentially needless gore, this will be the book I read next:

But until then I’m looking for something LIGHT, YA, and fantasy, that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  If it doesn’t make me smile in the first 3 pages, then I’m putting it down.  Think something along the lines of Patricia C. Wrede’s “Enchanted Forest” series.  Any suggestions?

And have you been fooled by the cover art of a book recently?