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A while ago I read the book “The Girl who Played with Fire,” by Stieg Larsson, and there is a scene in it where Salander is stuck on an island during a hurricane when a random tornado touches down.  That particular scene stood out to me for several reasons.  One reason is because Salander is an awesome character, and even during a hurricane she is the one who is driving the story.  Another reason is that I love extreme weather, it completely fascinates me and I really can’t read enough about it.  The final reason is that even though I enjoyed that scene, I have absolutely no idea what it had to do with any of the main plots of the story.

So pretty much I feel that no matter how cool that scene was, I don’t feel it was an effective use of pages.  If that entire section got cut from the book all the story would have suffered would be a little less awesome Sal time, but in the end we would have gotten to the meat of the story faster and the book would have been a better read.

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m talking about the weather…again, but how can I not be talking about the weather when I grew up in Connecticut.  Right now my childhood home is facing off with Frankenstorm, otherwise known as Hurricane Sandy.  According to my parents, it’s doing fairly well for itself, although there was a fire just down the street from it.  Even though storms like this are interesting to me, they are definitely some scary stuff, and I wish all the luck to anyone is enduring this storm right now.

So, have you read “The Girl who Played with Fire?”  What did you think of the storm scene, and do you think it was necessary?  And have you read any books recently where you wondered about the whole purpose behind a scene in it, and what that scene had to do with the plot?