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It seems these days like almost every YA book has a love triangle, which is something I have mixed feelings about.  On the one hand, I’m a huge fan of romantic tension in a book, and I’ll keep turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed just to find out how the love story ends.  On the other hand, I feel like we’ve seen too many of the same love triangle.

Here’s the classic version: the female protagonist has two boys clearly in love with her, and she needs to choose between them, but how? One is usually dark, moody, maybe a little dangerous, and oh-so-sexy, and the other is generally warm, adoring, and probably the better choice.  Usually her heart yearns for Mr. Dark and Mysterious, while the antics of the other steal her heart back…who will she choose?

classic example 😉

I admit, I still enjoy the triangles where there’s no clear “winner,” so the protagonist truly has to choose between them.  But mostly, I’m a little tired of this formula, and would like to see some variations on it.  What about having a male protagonist choosing between two girls? What about a triangle told from the point of view of the character not chosen? Or, even better, how about a love story that doesn’t feature a triangle, but maybe just several possible choices?

Still, if given the choice between a story with a love triangle, and a story with two people who are in love the moment they meet because they know in their heart of hearts that the other is The One, destined to be with them, forever and against all the odds, well, I’ll take the love triangle almost every time.  I’m not generally the biggest fan of “destined love.”

How about you? Do you like love triangles? Why or why not?