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Last week Kati got to post about things she loves, so I thought this week I’d take a turn.  I have quite a large list, but for now I’ll just mention three of the things I’m happy about today.


1. I am now officially a comic! See? Kati’s on the left and I’m on the right.  Thanks, Jae! Totally made my day! 🙂

And if you haven’t already, definitely check out Jae’s blog, Lit and Scribbles. Not only does she have great blog posts with adorable pictures, she’s also the originator of the “things I love” posts.

2. My job.  Sounds crazy, I know, but as much as I’d like to one day support myself through writing alone, at the same time I’m not sure I’d want to give up my current job.

What do I do? Well, I get to run and walk dogs all day long – pretty much the best way to spend your day ever (aside from reading and writing).  I started my dog walking company a little over a year and a half ago, and recently my husband quit his day job to work with me full-time, which has been really fun.

3. The moment before sunrise.  I love watching the sky getting lighter and lighter, and the feeling of a new day starting.  Everything feels fresh and exciting, and where I live there are some amazing sunrises.  No point in sleeping in when you can see this:

How about you? What are you loving today?