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Between trying to get my illustration career going, writing the first draft for the sequel of Mystic Cooking, and working on a bunch of other projects, this November has been busier than ever, but yet I feel there is a hole in my busy life.  This is the first November in a long time that I have not done the Nanowrimo challenge.

First Nanowrimo Novel.

That’s not saying that I’m not writing a lot this month, I just no longer feel it necessary to complete a 50,000 word novel in that time…at least not for this year.  Sadly, without doing this challenge, my life feels strangely empty.  There is something touching about meeting up with a whole bunch of strangers who are all working towards the same ridiculous goal that you are.  It’s very similar to talking to runners along a 50k race.  Sure, you may never meet them again, but you still cherish those brief moments of camaraderie and the friendships you do develop.

A character from my 2nd Nanowrimo story.

So, even though I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year, I do believe I will do it again sometime in the near future.  For now, I just want to concentrate on everything that I’ve learned from working with a critique group for over two years, and all the new writing advice I picked up from my first writing conference, and write the best possible first draft I can without any deadline hovering above my head.

Characters from Mystic Cooking.

For all of you who are doing Nanowrimo this year, good luck!  And keep those fingers flying on those keyboards.  😉  -Kati