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Thanksgiving is only a day away and the madness has already begun.  Years in the past we’ve had traditions of going to our older sister’s house in West Sacramento, and baking up our traditional German apple pie (same basic recipe that had been used by my great grandmother), eating chicken drumsticks and the turkey our brother-in-law cooked, and all the other regular Thanksgiving Day staples.  Well, this year promises to be a bit different.

Heidi and me after our big apple pie baking session, and after our even bigger flour battle.

Our old sister and her husband now live back in Connecticut, Heidi has dropped to a lower rung on the food chain, and me…well, let’s just leave it at the fact that I’ve recently become very difficult to eat with.  I might in fact be the most annoying person I know to go eat with do to my most recent food sensitivities.  But we’re not going to let these changes bring us down, we have so many other changes in our lives and Thanksgiving traditions to be thankful for.

This year my cousin and his fiance are coming to visit us.  That means more types of food to try, and more people to play games with afterwards.  Also, do to Heidi and my diets adjustments we’ll have to be even more creative with our food choices, which will only help out with writing our Mystic Cooking sequel later.  Gravy thickened by almond flour, and gluten free stuffing…I’m excited to try them.  🙂

One of Kati’s famous salads.

And in more exciting news, a couple of Heidi and her husband’s friends will be joining us, bringing some of their own unique dishes and recipes.  Sure, we’re all having dinner at Heidi’s place, and she doesn’t have a table or chairs, but that just will add to the excitement.

This might be what we see during our Thanksgiving Day hike.

One of the traditions that we have that probably won’t change this year is our Thanksgiving Day hike.  We used to get up early in the a.m. to go and do it, but we’re probably do it after our feast to make sure no one has to miss it.

So how about all of you?  Got any special new plans for Thanksgiving this year?  What are some of your Thanksgiving Day traditions?