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These last two days with Pitch wars going on has been crazy, exciting, scary, and fun.  This has been me, bouncing back and forth between blogs, my email, and twitter, and I don’t even use twitter!

But I can’t decide which one I feel more like: the cat waiting for the mouse, or the mouse waiting for the cheese.  It’s been a big online party and every writer who has finished a full manuscript has been invited.  Not only that, but the prizes are grand, and the people attending the party are even grander.  So, that’s what this post is about, raising a glass to those awesome people.

First glass I’ll raise is to Jae.  We met her at the Backspace Writers Conference in New York and have kept in contact through blogging since then.  Her blog is Lit and Scribbles, and she is writing “Shade,” a YA fantasy novel about a half-demon prince who has to save the human world from a powerful hell demon…his mother.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should totally do so here.  And while you are over there you have to read her post: The Next Big Thing, to find out just how fascinating and original her story is.

Second glass I’ll raise is to Brian.  We have never met him in person, but we stumbled onto his blog, Decent into Slushland, and quickly found out just how awesome he is.  He is writing “The Key to Eden,” a Horror novel with some Fantasy.  It has vampires, fallen angels, and a tough female protagonist.  What more can you ask for?  Read more about his story at his post: I Am Not the Next Big Thing, But I Am Tall.

Finally, I would like to raise a glass to our friend over at the blog Moonstonemaiden.  If you have not been over to her blog, you should check it out.  She is writing “Believe,” a fascinating YA Fantasy novel that sounds like it has a bit of a dystopian theme to it, and some forbidden love, along with a sword swinging-chick protagonist.  Check it out here at her The Next Big Thing post.

How about you? Enjoying pitch wars so far?