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For us, Christmas this year was a time of dog walking and movie watching.  We re-watched The Princess Bride, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but today’s Fiction Friday will be on the two new movies we watched: The Dark Knight Rises, and Lockout.

The Dark Knight Rises:

In my opinion, this movie was as good as the two Batman movies that came before it.  Where it was lacking in the evil awesomeness of the Joker, it made up for in subtleties, and a twist that I didn’t see coming.  I would love to go into more detail about these subtleties, but I don’t want to give anything away to anyone (if there is anyone) who hasn’t seen this movie yet.

One of the last things that I really liked about this installment of batman was that all the main villains in it had back-stories that made them at least somewhat sympathetic.  So even though you weren’t ever cheering on the bad guys, you at least felt bad for the things that they went through that made them the villains that they were.


This movie was described as being action-packed with some great one-liners, and boy does it deliver.  It reminded me of an Escape From New York, but in space.  The premise is that there is a space prison, and after a humanitarian mission on board that space prison goes drastically wrong, the main character, Snow, has to go there and save the President’s daughter.  Not the strongest movie premise in the world, but it pretty much doesn’t try to play paddy-cake with the idea that it is a straight up action flick.

Snow is a total jerk, but a likeable jerk, and the President’s daughter is also surprisingly tough for someone who has grown up with a life of privilege.  It starts off with action and an interrogation scene where you’re pretty sure Snow is being framed for murder, and it doesn’t let up with the tension until the very end when the credits are rolling.  Plus the micro tension throughout is great.  At no point in time do you see Snow interacting with anyone that he likes or really gets along with.  Like I said earlier, he’s a bit of an jerk.

Anyways, since I said this is a movie of action and one-liners, here is one of the quotes that I liked best: “Here’s a gun and an apple.  Don’t talk to strangers, shoot them.”

Pretty much, if you watch this movie expecting a great movie, you’ll probably be disappointed, but if you watch it to be entertained, you’ll probably like it quite a bit.

So how about you?  How was your holiday break?  Did you watch any good movies, or read any good books?