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HEIDI: Happy New Year, everyone!!! Yes, this is kinda old news, but better late than never.

KATI: Someone, and I’m not mentioning any names here, but they may or may not rhythm with eidi–

HEIDI: Bit obvious, don’t you think? >: (

KATI: Well, this unnamed person was supposed to do our Happy New Year/December round-up post, but…

HEIDI: But they were a little busy getting chewed on by an eighty-pound puppy.  This eighty-pound puppy:

kaya in the yard

KATI: Must have been ruff.  😉

HEIDI: She might be cute, but she’s pure trouble, let me tell you.  And no, I don’t own a malamute, I was just petsitting her.  This is my pup:

Gordy in the yard

KATI: So this is your plan, huh? Post a couple of cute dog pictures and pretend it’s a real post?

HEIDI: You can never go wrong with cute dog pictures…see, here’s one more.  Feels like a pretty good day, doesn’t it?

talk about happy

KATI: Aww, that is cute…I guess you’re forgiven.

HEIDI: Always works.  😉  Anyhoo, we’ll try to be back on our normal M, W, F schedule next week, so stay tuned!