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Here’s a baby dragon picture as an apology present for being gone for so long.

Sorry for the long silence, but these last 2 weeks have been a little hectic.  Mine and Heidi’s parents came to visit, so we pretty much have been showing them around, and trying to give them a good vacation.  We will now hopefully be back to our semi-regular posting schedule. 

In exciting news, Heidi and I got our pitchwars material in, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that some more good news will come of it.  We also have our fingers crossed for our friends : Jae, Brian, Stephanie, and Teresa, who are all are still in either as alternates, or mentor picks for pitchwars as well.

And in completely unrelated news, we hope to have another joint blog up Wednesday.  I think we are behind in telling everyone what 5 fantasy characters we would want to hang out with for a day if we could, and answering some questions for a blog nomination from moonstonemaiden.  In the mean time, what have we missed in the blogging world since we’ve been gone?