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Pitch Wars pitches are up! You can check out all the pitches at the YA Misfits blog today and tomorrow. Read through them – there are some really amazing-sounding stories out there. A huge shout out to Jae – I just got goosebumps after reading the pitch and first 250 words for SHADE. And not to brag, but our fellow TeamBriggser’s story is made of awesome sauce (yes, Brian, I am stealing that expression from you), so definitely check out Stephanie’s pitch for LOST STARS, BROKEN GALAXY.

The Pitch Wars alternates are also being showcased on several blogs, including yours truly. Here’s the list:

Adult: Summer Heacock’s blog
MIDDLE GRADE: Deanna Romito’s blog
YOUNG ADULT: Brenda Drake’s blog
YOUNG ADULT: Kimberly P. Chase’s blog
YOUNG ADULT: Monica B.W.’s blog

Honestly, I haven’t seen a bad pitch yet – I’d want to read all of these books, and I hope someday they’ll be gracing my bookshelves.  Until then, let me point you out to a couple of truly excellent pitches.  Teresa, our fellow TeamBriggs alternate, has a riveting gothic tale full of grave robbing, backstabbing, and unearthed family secrets.  Believe the best fairy tales begin and end in blood? Then definitely check out the pitch for BLACK HEART, RED RUBY.  And since you can never have enough horror, check out THE KEY TO EDEN.  Brian, you had me hooked at “drowning the world in blood.” Nicely creepy!

Our pitch is at the top of Monica B.W.’s blog, but to make it easy on you all, we’ll post it here, too. So, without further ado, here’s the 35 word pitch and first 250 words of MYSTIC COOKING. Enjoy!

NAME: Kati Bartkowski and Heidi Lang
GENRE: YA fantasy

Pitch: 16-year-old Lailu just wants to open a restaurant specializing in cooking mystical beasts, but after reneging on a loan shark, she’ll need her handsome rival’s help to escape the stew she’s in.

First 250: 

Lailu scowled at the row of onions pinned to her far wall, her calloused fingers idly flipping a large chef’s knife end over end before she turned to look at her remaining batch of onions.  “Don’t worry,” she told them quietly, “it will only hurt a second.”  As she selected a sweet yellow one, the bell above her front door chimed.

Lailu whipped around, the onion toppling to the floor in her haste.  “Welcome to Mystic Cooking,” she began eagerly, straightening her fluffy white chef’s hat.  “Our special today is…” Her eyes flickered to the man looming in her doorway.  “Oh.” Lailu’s heart plummeted back to her toes.  “It’s you.”

For all she was barely over five feet tall, Mr. Boss (call me “Victor”) was not much taller, but his back was straight, and his cane seemed more like a threatening prop than a tool.  He looked like he might be in his sixties or seventies, his long gray hair streaked through with white and oiled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck.  She’d heard the rumors, of course, that he was actually two hundred and six, and that he bathed in the blood of young dragons every month to slow his aging.  Lailu wasn’t sure she bought that; she knew how hard it was to kill a dragon.

Mr. Boss glanced at the line of onions pinned to the wall, then turned, taking in the spotless and very empty dining room.  “Busy, I see.”

Want to know more about MYSTIC COOKING? Check out this post.

Meanwhile, I know we promised you a different post for today…don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten, and we’ll be posting our fantasy five picks tomorrow. Until then, Happy Pitch Wars day, and good luck all!