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Yesterday we were supposed to do some catch-up posts, but we got distracted by Pitch Wars.  So, without further ado, here’s the post that we promised – Our Fantasy Five: the five people from fantasy worlds we would want to spend time with.  Thanks to Jae for tagging us.  🙂

circle of five

First Choice:

KATI: My first choice would definitely have to be the Doctor, as played by David Tennant, of course. I mean who wouldn’t want to travel through time and space with him? I like Jae’s idea of seeing the rings of Saturn up close, but I also would love to meet some historical figures, like Genghis Khan. Plus, I would be able to understand what they all were saying. 🙂

HEIDI: I’ll second this choice. I don’t think I’d make a good companion – I’m too much of a scaredy-cat, but I could be brave for a day.

KATI: Hmm…

HEIDI: Like you’d be a better companion! We both know one giant space spider and you’d be in the TARDIS crying.

KATI: There are no spiders in space! >: (

HEIDI: Keep telling yourself that…

Second Choice:

KATI: Originally I was thinking Dumbledore, but after some careful thought, I might go with the Weasley twins. They are brilliant at times, and could probably teach you a thing or two about magic, all while showing you the true Hogwarts with all its secret passageways and the like. Plus you would never have a dull day hanging out with them.

HEIDI: Okay, just to let you all know, by “some careful thought,” Kati really means “after listening to Heidi’s idea.” I would totally love to hang out with the Weasley twins, who are brilliant all the time.

Third Choice:

KATI: For my third choice, I would probably go with Lina Inverse from The Slayers. Hanging out with her you would get to try all the best kinds of food around, and hope she doesn’t stick you with the bill when it’s time to go. She would probably challenge you to be braver and tougher than you thought you could be, and even with all the eating, you would definitely burn it all off with all the constant running. Plus, she is an expert at magic, and she has friends in all sorts of places. No dull days with her either.

HEIDI: I think Lina Inverse would be fun to hang out with…but from a distance. She has a habit of using and abusing her friends.

KATI: Very true. Still, it would be exciting.

HEIDI: Definitely. Especially when she Dragon Slaves you for stealing the last meatball.

Fourth Choice:

KATI: George Cooper from The Lioness Quartet series would be my fourth choice. As the ex-King of Thieves and the Baron of Pirates Swoop, he has more than a few good tales to tell. He could easily keep you charmed, plus staying at his keep next to the ocean you would have a chance to see griffons, and other creatures of legend, and maybe learn a few thief tricks while you’re at it. 😉

HEIDI: I had originally planned on choosing Alanna, but Kati and I both decided that, while she’s awesome, George would be more fun to hang out with.

Fifth Choice:

KATI: And for my final choice, I’ll go with Mrs. Whatsit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with a star who sacrificed herself to fight IT? Out of the three witches, she’s the one who acts the most normal, but with a hint of mischief and fun. Plus, seeing some of the worlds she goes to would be absolutely incredible. Granted, I think they all got there by way of Mrs. Witch, but why sweat the details.

HEIDI: Well said.  Although I’m still leaning towards Han Solo…I’ll put him as our #1 runner up, in case one of our other 5 is unavailable.

KATI: Smart thinking.  You never know when a fantasy figure will be unavailable to hang out… 😉

HEIDI: I just want to make sure we’re prepared! >: (  Anyhow, there’s our list.  Stick around – tomorrow we’re actually doing a Fiction Friday.  Sort of. Well…

KATI: And next week we’ll be posting our answers for the Liebster Award, as tagged by Moonstonemaiden. 🙂 Happy writing, all!