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Funny, Heidi and I have been posting on this blog now since October (more or less), and I don’t think we’ve done a single post where we really just talked about cooking.  So I’m planning to change that a little here and show you the meal I made this weekend.

I made a raw Pad Thai, and even though it didn’t come out as amazing as I would have liked, it came out pretty darn good.  I think I’ll be giving it another try later, and maybe I’ll play around with the recipe a bit.  If you’re curious about this recipe, I got it from the book Meals That Heal Inflammation.  It has a bunch of healthy recipes that are pretty easy to follow.

Strips of carrots and zucchiniHere is what is used for the noodles.  It’s just zucchini and carrots that I peeled into noodle shape.  This step took by far the longest.

The vicious green onionHere is the green onion I chopped up.  Even though green onion looks nothing like the other types of onions, it is still a big bully, and I was crying my eyes out while chopping them.  Just thinking about it is making my eyes water… :*(

Veggie bowlThis is all the vegetables that were used.  After getting them all chopped up and into this bowl, I got to move onto the sauce.

Awesome whisking boyfriendMy awesome boyfriend whisking the sauce.  Hey, he offered to whisk it, and I’m not one to turn down help in the kitchen.  😉

The sauce is where I unfortunately ran into a slight problem.  I was trying to make double the amount of food, so we could package some up and have some for lunch tomorrow, but what I ended up with was a little too much sauce.  😦

Finished Pad Thai in the bowl - too saucy :(See, here is the finished product still in the bowl, and it’s a little too saucy.

Raw Pad ThaiYep, definitely too saucy.  😦

So to fix this problem, we went out and bought ourselves some regular brown rice Pad Thai noodles, cooked them up with some leftover steak we had, mixed them in with our leftovers, and walla:

Not so "raw" Pad ThaiWe had ourselves another, slightly different meal.

So, do any of you have some good recipes to recommend?  Or better yet, any good stories about cooking mishaps?  And, can you guess what the mystic ingredient is in this recipe?