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Some of you may have noticed our new and improved header…and for those of you who haven’t noticed, where have you been looking?! 😉

Seriously, though, we just wanted to take a moment and thank the ever generous (not to mention talented) Jae for creating this for us.


HEIDI: Jae has been subtly asking us when we’ll update our banner for weeks now.  Possibly months.  Time goes by so fast, I lose track, and before you know it…well, the banner stayed the same.  I blame Kati.

KATI: Me? Why?

HEIDI: Art is clearly your department.  Have you seen my artwork?

KATI: Hmm, good point.

HEIDI: Not sure you needed to agree with me so quickly there…  >: ( Anyways, as I was saying, thanks again, Jae, for putting the “classy” into our Mystic Cooking blog.  Our posts will now be much snazzier! Very exciting! 🙂

KATI: And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Jae’s blog, Lit and Scribbles, for more adorable art, as well as great posts on writing, movies, and all other fun stuff.  

HEIDI: The new-and-improved Mystic Cooking posts will resume on Monday…come for the banner, stay for the content, cause it’s February, and you know what that means…

KATI: …I’m afraid to ask.

HEIDI: Love! February is the month of love!

KATI: …still afraid…

HEIDI: Mwah hah ha ha!!! See you all after the weekend!