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Ji-who? Exactly.

So…I was supposed to do Monday’s post, but someone, and I’m not mentioning any names here <cough Jae cough> recommended a certain Korean drama, and instead of doing anything productive I’ve just been watching that. Yeah. Kati is not amused. πŸ˜‰

On a related note, totally Team Jun-Pyo!

And speaking of Korea, I finished listening to a very well done yet extremely disturbing book set in North Korea, “The Orphan Master’s Son,” written by Adam Johnson. This book is a work of fiction, but some of the people and general events are not fiction, and that made itΒ difficult to listen to. There are some very grisly torture scenes, and honestly I had a hard time getting through this, and finished it with a sense of relief. That being said, it’s very well written, and definitely worth reading, just be warned – this is not fluffy bedtime fair.

In spite of the upsetting nature of a lot of the scenes in the book, there’s a surprising amount of humor as well, and I really enjoyed the propaganda – seeing the different spin put on events is amusing and interesting and disturbing, all mixed in one.

On a lighter note, I recently watched “Warm Bodies,” and I have to say two enthusiastic thumbs up! This is the first zombie movie I’ve ever seen where I left feeling hopeful. Usually even if the characters survive until the end of a zombie movie, you know it’s still not really a happy ending…they’re living in a world full of zombies, and really it’s just a matter of time before they get careless, or something happens, and bam! Zombie, or lunch. Either way, not super hopeful.

Warm Bodies, however, has a sweet love story, good characters, and a unique, much more hopeful take on the zombie condition. Plus it’s funny. Definitely worth seeing.

We’ll get back on track tomorrow, but meanwhile, have you ever read a book that you thought was really good, but you weren’t sure if you actually liked it? There have been a few times I’ve finished a book, thought it was good, would even recommend it, but…definitely not something I would read again myself. Any one else have a similar experience?