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…sorry about our radio silence last week. Kati and I are getting ready to go to another writing conference, and we’ve been up to our eyeballs in edits, revisions, and all sorts of frantic, last-minute work so we can be as prepared as possible before the conference next week.

This will be only our second writing conference – the first one we went to was the Backspace Writer’s Conference in New York last May. It was a total blast – we learned so much and met many great people, including Jae. Highlight of the trip? Having the best hot chocolate ever! Oh, and all the writing workshops were great, too. πŸ˜‰ Heh heh. Seriously, though, I’m so glad we went, and I definitely recommend it to all you writers out there.

This year funds were a little tighter, so a trip to New York was kind of off the table. Plus I thought it might be fun to meet some more local writers, so we’ll be heading out to the local chapter of the SCBWIΒ the weekend after next for their annual day-long conference. Fun, fun! We’re going to be splitting up the dream-team this time around – I’ll be doing the fiction track while Kati goes off and learns all about illustration.

We’ll try and step it up next week on the blog, though, and in keeping with our Middle Grade March theme, we’ve got some fun posts planned, so stay tuned! Meanwhile I’ll leave you with this cute picture of me and my smallest running client. Don’t let his size fool you – he made for a very enthusiastic running partner!

Tucker and Heidi after their runHave a great weekend!