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I’ve heard it both ways – familiarity breeds contempt, and familiarity breeds love, but in my experience it’s the latter.

Yep, looks the same as always...and I love it!

Yep, looks the same as always…and I love it!

Let me give you all an example. Recently I became addicted to a Korean drama, and while I was loving the story, the music in it drove me slightly crazy, mostly because it sounded like the same three songs repeated endlessly through every episode. It got so I was hearing that music playing in my head all…the…time. When I was running dogs, reading, trying to sleep. I’d wake up with the songs in my head and go to bed with them in my head and then something strange happened – I started to like them. You’d think it would be the opposite, but no, it was almost soothing. I ended up buying the album on iTunes and I’m listening to them even now…

I’ve had the same thing happen with books, too. Harry Potter, for instance. I’ve reread those books…actually, I’m embarrassed to admit how many times, so I’ll just say I’ve read them a lot. And listened to them a few times on audio (Jim Dale = one of the greatest narrators ever). I really liked them the first time around, but now that they’re so familiar, I like them even more. Like an old friend, I feel comfortable every time I crack open one of Harry’s adventures, and I often have to resist my urge to reread them just one more time.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else? Have you ever disliked something, but been forced to spend enough time with it that you grew to appreciate it? And do you love to reread old books, or just move on to new ones?