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I just recently finished 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison, and I really enjoyed it.  It had a great main character was likeable, and it had an excellent ending.

13 Treasures is about Tanya, a girl who can see fairies. These fairies are constantly causing her to get into trouble, so her mother sends her away to stay with her grandmother for a while. It’s there that Tanya learns of the disappearance of her grandmother’s childhood friend, and with the help of her own friend, Fabien, she sets off to try and solve this mystery.

So, the main character was likeable (especially because of how much she loved her dog), the setting sounded like the kind of place I would have loved to explore when I was younger, and I really liked the whole take on fairies in this book. Also, the cover art is totally eye catching. So if you’re looking for a good upper MG fantasy book, this one is totally worth the read.

Have you read this book yet? What did you think of it? Doesn’t it have a lovely cover?  😉