Gordy in his bandanaWell, would you look at the time! April has been long gone and we still haven’t posted our monthly wrap-up…Kati and I have been a little distracted in recent days. We also failed to talk about proper footwear or the joys of being married to a Harry Potter-deficient spouse, but don’t worry, we’re going to continue our no-theme posts through May, so I’m sure those topics are right around the corner. 😉

Moving right along, April was a very busy month for us here at Mystic Cooking HQs. Not only did I learn to love Korean music, but Kati and I went to the Northern/Central CA SCBWI writing conference. What did we learn? So much we had to turn it into a whole series of posts. Need a refresher? Here they are:

  • Part 1: The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Weird at the SCBWI conference
  • Part 2: Testing the Waters with Publishing Alternatives
  • Part 3: Let Your Characters Tell You Who They Are
  • Part 4: Putting the “Real” into Fiction
  • Part 5: Great Openings
  • Part 6: Keep Your Eye on the Arc
  • Part 7: The Illustration Track

Kati illustrated each part, so if you missed the series it’s worth a look back for her pictures alone.

Besides the conference, we were also busy reading some really good books. First there was the futuristic retelling of Cinderella with the part of the downtrodden princess played by a cyborg in Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder.” Then I completed Lauren Oliver’s “Delirium” series with “Requiem,” the final installment. And finally, I read Matthew J. Kirby’s delightful MG book, “Icefall,” which was probably my favorite read of the month. Hmm, looking back at this list one thing becomes clear: Kati has a lot of catching up to do on the Fiction Friday front. 😉

And finally, we wrapped up the month with a little fame, courtesy of Jae from Lit and Scribbles who interviewed us on her blog. We were the last installment of her “April Featured Blog” series, and I highly recommend swinging over there to check out the other bloggers in her series.

Happy May!