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HEIDI: Alright, we promised we’d talk about shoes, and here it is. But first, a little background info. Kati?

KATI: Our parents got super into the TV show “Castle,” so last year when they came to visit us, we had a crash course in the first couple of seasons. Then this year they got hooked on the show “The Mentalist,” so that’s what we watched with them this past January.

HEIDI: You might be wondering what this all has to do with shoes, but we’re getting to it…

KATI: Both of these shows follow a very similar pattern. A charismatic man who is not a detective, yet possesses an extremely keen eye for details decides to tag along with a police detective. In both cases, the detective in question is an attractive woman. Murders happen. They get solved.

HEIDI: Nicely summarized.

KATI: Why thank you. πŸ™‚

HEIDI: Since the shows share so many similarities, we found ourselves comparing them, trying to decide which one we liked better. At first I was going with “Castle,” mostly because I love Castle’s personality. But then the more I watched of “The Mentalist,” the more I started switching over to that camp.

KATI: I was Team Jane right from the start. πŸ˜‰

HEIDI: Well, I took a little more convincing, but what finally got me were the shoes…In “Castle,” the female homicide detective, Kate Beckett, always wears these ridiculous stiletto heels. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they look nice, but she’s constantly running after or away from possible criminals. You’d think she’d at least keep a change of shoes in her car or under her desk or something. It just bugs me.

KATI: The female CBI agent in “The Mentalist,” Teresa Lisbon, usually wears a pair of sensible flats.

HEIDI: Exactly. Not the most attractive shoes, but I bet she’s not nearly as worried about breaking an ankle. I mean, if half your adrenaline rush during a chase scene is whether or not your shoes are going to kill you, well, that seems like a bad sign.

KATI: Anyways, moving past these TV shows, this started us thinking about fiction in general and how it’s those little details that really make a big difference.

See those sneakers? Kati and I are prepared for anything...

Rosi looks nicer than us, but I bet Kati and I could out run her in our sneakers…

HEIDI: What your character chooses to wear or not wear tells a lot about him/her. It’s one more piece of the puzzle that is that character’s personality, so it’s good to keep that in mind. What kind of message about your character are you getting across with your details?

KATI: And now we’ll turn this around to all of you. What’s your pet peeve when watching a show? Does improper footwear get under your skin as well? Please share!