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Since we missed Fiction Friday last week, I’m bringing you a Middle Grade Monday, and recommending Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.

Fablehaven is about siblings, Kendra and Seth, who are stuck staying at their grandparents’ house while their parents go away on a trip. What they soon discover is that their grandparents’ house is actually on a sanctuary for magical creatures, and their grandfather happens to be the caretaker.

I know, it doesn’t sound all that intriguing stated like that, but really the setting of this book really drew me in. It was definitely a world that I would like to escape into. And the characters were likeable enough, even if Seth did drive me a little crazy at times.

One thing that was a little intriguing about reading this book around the same time I read The 13 Treasures is the similarities between the two books. Fairies play a huge role in both stories, and while they are neither good nor evil in either one, they do cause a lot of trouble. What’s also interesting about both is how the main characters are shipped away to their grandparents’ place against their wills. I would recommend both books, but I will suggest not reading them back to back like I did to avoid doing too many comparisons.

One last thing worth noting about Fablehaven is that the cover is totally awesome. I love Brandon Dorman’s illustrations, and I would totally recommend checking out his portfolio if you haven’t already. He certainly knows his way around the color wheel.