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May flew by in a dramatic flourish, so that means it’s time for the roundup!

First up, we entered another contest on May 1st, managed to get through the rafflecopter drawing to make it to the next round, and posted our entry. From there, four coaches picked their teams, and we were lucky enough to be chosen by Krista Van Dolzer for TeamKrista! Very exciting.

Being in the contest kept us a little distracted, so we had a brief blog hiatus, but we still managed to read a few good books. First Kati reviewed “!3 Treasures,” and then “Fablehaven.” Both books had a lot of similarities, so chances are if you enjoyed one, you’d probably enjoy the other. I reviewed “The Five Lives of our Cat Zook,” which was a bit of a tearjerker, but otherwise very delightful. I also won my first ever book giveaway, so all in all a good month in the reading department. 

Besides books and contests, Kati and I also discussed the big issues, like the importance of proper footwear, and why everyone should read Harry Potter…especially my husband. On a related note, I actually saw him with the first book the other day. As far as I could tell he was reading it…I’ll have to keep you all posted. 😉

June is already shaping up into an exciting month for us. First, our blog is going to be hijacked by space pirates in the form of Stephanie Garber, who will be joining us for some guest posts. Her book “Lost Stars, Broken Galaxy” has it all: a daring heroine, a handsome captain, lies, betrayals, hidden identities, and, of course, space pirates! We’ll be interviewing her in the coming week, and then she’ll be taking over Mystic Cooking on Thursdays for a while, so definitely stay tuned for that.

Kati and I have also decided to have some book discussions here in the coming months.  We were inspired by Picture Me Reading, who often has great book discussions between her and her husband. If you haven’t already, definitely check them out – my TBR pile has tripled since I started following her blog. 😉

For our own book discussions, Kati and I have decided to try and get a taste of everything, so we’ll be picking one book from each genre and then reviewing it together here. The only problem is we can’t seem to narrow down our choices…

That’s about it. Happy summer, everyone!

happy summer!