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The other day Heidi and I were talking about books and I brought up The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, and I realized that I don’t think I ever did a Fiction Friday about it. Since I absolutely loved that book I figured today would be good day to talk about it. And if i did talk about this book before, then I’m sorry, but it’s certainly worth talking about a second time.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Thief is about Gen, and as you’ve probably guessed, he’s a thief who starts off stuck in the king’s cell. When the king’s scholar figures out the location of an incredibly powerful treasure, he realizes that he’ll need a talented thief, like Gen, to help to retrieve it.

I know the plot sounds pretty simple, but the world building in this book (and entire series) is fantastic, and Gen is the perfect main character. He is a likeable and talented trickster. Add other great characters, strong females, and a world with its own mythology, and this series has it all. What’s also interesting is how the gods of this world play an active role, but aren’t as meddling as the Greek or Roman gods.

Anyways, The Thief is a great first book, and it’s followed up with some other fantastic books, too. This is one of the few series that I’ve read where I feel like the sequels live up to their expectations. The only major complaint I have is, when is the fifth book coming out already! So, if you haven’t read this book already, I highly recommend it.

How about all of you? What books have you read recently that you absolutely loved?