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Now that you’re all sitting comfortably with your glasses of egg cream, talking in the slang of the amazing Roaring Twenties, we’re going to do some chit-chatting about the real bee’s knees of the era…fashion. After all, the twenties was the decade that women ditched the restricting outfits of the past, and dressed just a wee bit more comfortably.  That meant trousers, short skirts, and even shorter hair.

Scan 10But women weren’t the only ones embracing the changes of the era. Men, too, stopped dressing so formally on a daily basis. No more of those old long jackets with the tails, those were just dusted off for formal occasions. Guys started kicking back in sweaters and even knickers for their more casual attire, and their suits became less stiff-necked and less formal. The suits the men currently wear today are based off of those suits that came out of the late 20s.

I’m sure you all don’t want me beating my gums over men’s casual wear when I can be talking about the glad rags of the flappers. With their daring bobs and nifty dresses, the flappers were all about being fab and functional. Their dresses, rather than accentuating the bust line, flattened it, and the low-waist allowed these modern girls to kick up their heels in all the new dances. Eventually waistlines disappeared entirely as the “shift” dress emerged.

Scan 9Now if you’d like some more swell fashion tips from the 20s, Wikipedia was my vogue partner in crime for this post. I have to admit, even if I never write a book that takes place in the 20s, I am definitely going to steal some of this spiffy fashion to use in some of my fantasy novels.

Stay tuned, tomorrow will be another 1920s inspired post. In the mean time, lets hear about some of your favorite fashionable eras. Has any era’s clothing worked its way into your writing?