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So you all know, Heidi is going to be gone from the blogging world for the next two weeks, so I’m taking over for the monthly round up.  Mwahaaahaahaaa!  😉

Things certainly got heated up here at Mystic Cooking this past month.

We started off with me hiding because Game of Thrones was being played in my living room, and well, let’s just say it’s not really my cup of tea. But The Thief, on the other hand, totally is.

Then we introduced Stephanie, who will be hijacking our blog once a week to talk about fun and important subjects like writing good endings, and bad advice. Mean while, Heidi got all philosophical on us and started talking about the age old question: what’s next?

From there we moved onto some movies where Heidi recommended Safety Not Guaranteed, while I was sadly disappointed in The Hobbit.

To finish off this month we moved into our themed and roaring 1920s week, and Stephanie started us off with a tasty recipe for Egg Cream. Heidi then gave us a lesson on slang that was that cat’s meow, and talked a bit about our fun adventure meeting Jae from Lit and Scribbles over in San Francisco. I talked a bit about fashion and speakeasies, but then our week came to a dramatic conclusion with our three person discussion on Libba Bray’s The Diviner’s. Our verdict…the book was the bee’s knees.

Now, to wrap this post up, here’s a big shout out to Heidi who turns…well, we’ll just say that the cake collapsed under the weight of the candles.  Happy Birthday, Heidi!!!!

Too heavy from all these candles!!!