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KATI: Whew! Heidi and I had a whirlwind vacation, but we’re back and ready to cook up some new posts for you this week. Want to know what we’ve been up to? Heidi had some excitement first…

The view from my cabin in WA

HEIDI: I headed out to Oregon with my husband and dog to celebrate my birthday…you might recall the cake Kati drew for me? I’d just like to clarify that there weren’t that many candles. 😡

KATI: I stand by my drawing. 😉

HEIDI: Anyhow…another year older, I visited Washington and the in-laws, where I tried my hand at water skiing, crazy inner-tubing, white water rafting and kayaking. I’m happy to report that I am not, in fact, dead. Just very tired. 😉

KATI: Feeling a little jealous… 😦

HEIDI: Kati was stuck at work. Someone has to stop the hordes of the undead – it’s not exactly a job you can just leave anytime.

KATI: Yeah, between that and the filing, being an administrative zombie-slayer is definitely a full-time gig. Still, I left it all behind a week later.

HEIDI: I got back home for a day, and then Kati and I headed out for a day of planes, trains, and automobiles. And buses. It was a long day of taking public transit, and then a long flight, but eventually we got to Ohio!

Kati's new car

Kati’s new car

KATI: Our cousin was about to get married, so it turned into a mini family reunion.

HEIDI: It was madness. Sheer madness.

KATI: But fun madness. 😉 We didn’t get much sleep, though. By the time we got to our hotel it was after 4am, and then we had to meet our older sister for breakfast at 8am, and it pretty much went that way for the rest of the trip.

HEIDI: The one day we thought we’d sleep in, the morning of the wedding, a couple of our cousin’s groomsmen decided they needed their beauty sleep and bailed on an early morning golf game with him, so Kati and I had to man up.

KATI: That’s probably why we ended up looking like this for the wedding:

funny faces

HEIDI: I’m not sure what Rosi’s excuse was, though… 😉

KATI: Also we found out we’re terrible at golf. But it was fun.

HEIDI: Definitely. For example, here’s a picture I took of Kati playing golf. You’ll notice she missed the ball there.

Swing...and a miss!

Swing…and a miss!

KATI: Hey! You did the same exact thing! Many times! >: (

HEIDI: Ah, but there’s no photographic proof of my failures. 😉

KATI: <Sigh> Well, now we’re back and looking forward to catching up on all the blog posts we’ve missed reading. And we’ll be back to our normalish schedule here at Mystic Cooking HQ so stay tuned!

Here's a nicer picture of us and our other sister at the wedding.

Here’s a nicer picture of us and our other sister at the wedding.