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It’s Fiction Friday time! Yay! 🙂

So, I don’t normally read a lot of YA contemporary, but in the summer I start to gravitate towards this genre, usually looking for something light and fun and romantic. Then I’ll start getting angry about the romantic part – there are many, many books out there where the heroine falls in love with the guy, the perfect guy, of course, and suddenly that’s the only thing that matters. It drives me crazy. So, when I was shifted into angry romance mode, my eye fell upon this little gem by Abby McDonald.

Getting Over Garrett Delaney” is all about what it’s like to fall for the perfect guy, and make him the center of your life. Sadie, the MC, met Garrett two years ago and ever since she’s known he’s The One. Her soulmate. They become best friends, and she thinks any day now they’ll get together, but…Garrett doesn’t seem to see it. Instead, he dates a string of high-drama women while Sadie tags along, offering advice and pretending she’s not broken-hearted.

Finally, Garrett is single and seems to be looking at Sadie in an entirely different light, but before he has a chance to profess his undying love (of course that’s what he was going to do, right? Sadie thinks so, at least) he heads out to a writing camp where the unthinkable happens – he starts dating a girl a lot like Sadie. And suddenly Sadie can see the writing on the wall – she’s become this pathetic shadow-version of herself, giving up the things she really likes and wants to do in order to recreate herself as the kind of girl Garrett should like, and still he only sees her as a friend. She decides then and there to get over him, and develops a twelve step program to help.

So, I actually really enjoyed this book a lot, mostly because it felt very real to me. Who hasn’t tried changing themselves to be more like the kind of person they think their crush would like? Or at least, who hasn’t seen their friends do this? I also enjoyed this book because while there are hints at another possible romance, that’s not the reason Sadie has the strength to finally discover who she really is away from Garrett. She does it on her own…well, on her own, and with the help of some new friends.

I’d definitely recommend this as a fun beach read. Just be warned – you will probably want to shake Sadie for the first third of the book because she’s just that ridiculous…but at least she finally realizes it. Also, the plot is fairly predictable, but it was still enjoyable to see it all unfolding. Good, realistic characters and solid writing – I give it a hearty two thumbs up!