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So, as some of you may have noticed, we’ve been a little on the sparse-side blogging wise this past month. Thanks, Alexandrina, for the very nice shout out (and nudge). 😉

To make it up to you all, first let me share with you a picture of one of my newest clients:

Smokey looking a little nervous

Before walk…

Smokey is a klee kai, which is essentially a mini husky. And no, I’d never heard of this breed before, either, but you have to admit he’s flipping adorable. I mean, look at him!

After walk!

After walk!

Okay, so that out of the way, I feel we owe you an explanation. You see, Kati and I have been hard at work cooking up our next writing project, or actually projects, really. Together we’re working on another Mystic Cooking adventure, this one going back in time a little to before Lailu opened her restaurant.

We felt like there were some very important questions to answer, like why did Lailu decide she needed to open her own restaurant right away? Or how did she meet Mr. Boss and think he was at all reasonable? Or even what made the fire of her hatred for Greg burn hotter than her steam-powered oven?

One question we do not answer, however: Why is Lailu so terrified of chickens? Ah, the great mysteries of fiction… 😉

Anyways, we’ve both been neglecting the blog a little as we plow through our first draft, so sorry about that. Kati and I are both working on our own individual projects as well, so lots of productive writing time has been happening.

How about you? What are you all working on? Anything new and exciting, or old and still awesome?