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Good morning everyone! I’m currently petsitting a couple of pit bulls who have been telling me in no uncertain terms that it’s time to run…so I’ll have to keep this short. They are very persistent. 😉

We're ready....

We’re ready….

Over the weekend I met with a group of local writers – we try and meet up once a month to do prompts and other writing exercises, or just work on our own stuff, but in a group. It’s pretty nice.

Anyhow, we tried something new with our writing prompts this time, and it was so much fun I wanted to share it with you all here. We each had three separate small sheets of paper. On one we wrote out a character, an the second a setting, and on the third a plot. Then we put the characters in a hat and pulled one out. After a moment’s deliberation we decided it would be even more interesting with two random characters, so we chose another.

Then it was time to put all the settings in the hat – we kept it to just one, because multiple settings would be very tricky.

Plot was next. We decided to pull out two for that, so we could have a subplot as well.

And then the real fun began – thirty minutes of writing time to try and string together these completely random elements into some sort of story. After time was up, we went around and read what we had created, and I was so impressed with how everyone had taken these same elements, and yet each story was so completely different. And while no one had a perfect story, all of them had some really good bits in them.

Anyways, I highly recommend giving this a try – it was like a fun punch of adrenaline to my creativity center. 🙂

How about you? Any fun writing exercises you’d recommend?