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The other day I was listening to some music that I loved as a kid, and I realized I wasn’t sure if I still really liked it, or if I just liked the memories associated with it. With music especially, every song seems to be attached to memories of a person, or time period, or strong feeling.

When I listened to that CD full of songs I’d first enjoyed almost twenty years ago, for the briefest of moments I felt like I was back at that age. I could remember long summers spent at my cousins’ house, playing hide-and-seek tag, watching Sailor Moon, reading all the “Wrinkle in Time” books for the first time…I could almost taste the cheap candy from the local store, feel the humidity of an east coast summer day on my skin, and I was filled with this deep ache of longing.

But there’s no use living in the past. Childhood has been gone for quite a long time now, and I like where I’m at in my life now, too. Still, listening to that music was almost like having a time machine for a few minutes, and when the CD was over I went ahead and played it again.

I’m still not sure if I like the music. But I know I like the memories.

Me and Kati...about twenty years ago. Wow. ;)

Me and Kati…about twenty years ago. Wow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How about you? Does music have the same effect on you?