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People are always surprised to hear I write science fiction. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a girl, or if half the people I meet just don’t understand how awesome science fiction is.

Science fiction and fantasy have always been my first loves. When I was younger, a part of me truly believed that one day I’d find a way to become a princess, trap a live leprechaun, or turn a cardboard box into a time machine.

I love the magic found in fantasy and how so often it feels as if takes place in another time, long ago, when there were knights in shining armor and castles bustling with people. But what I love about science fiction is, often times, instead of moving back in time, it transports us to future.

Photo taken by Matthew Garber

Photo taken by Matthew Garber

Science fiction is made up of all sorts of wonderful and disturbing what if questions. What if the world around us wasn’t real, but instead a giant computer matrix? What if the human race became infertile for twenty-six years and then suddenly a woman became pregnant? What if a crazy scientist turned a DeLorean into a time machine? What if technology, combined with a group of gifted individuals could accurately predict crime before it happened? What if aliens landed in South Africa?

Some of these questions might sound ridiculous, but if you look close enough, you’ll see most science fiction questions aren’t merely making fantastical projections about the future, they’re making a commentary on the present. Looking at the things we fear, or suspect, or wonder about. The magic behind science fiction is, no matter how extraordinary it might seem a part of it is very real.

I’m not ashamed to admit I love science fiction. But I feel as if I’m in the minority, especially being a female. Is this something that is just in my head? Or do people really like science fiction, only their too scared or too embarrassed to admit it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you any of you like sci-fi as much as I do? Or are just the words science fiction a total turn-off?