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So, remember those science fiction movies you all voted for? Well today we’re unveiling the results! Who was closest – Me, Stephanie, or Kati? Or none of the above? 😉 Stick around, and you’ll see!

Also stay tuned because we have a winner for our first ever giveaway – the ARC for Amy Rose Capetta’s debut novel Entangled!

Best Science Fiction Book-to-Movie:

Well, the people have spoken, and they’ve almost all said “Jurassic Park.” So, congrats, Kati. There were a few votes for Stephanie’s choice, “Children of Men,” and one written in vote for “Solaris.” Absolutely no one voted for “Starship Troopers.” I’m not sure what’s wrong with you people…don’t you realize how terribly awesome that movie was? <shakes head> Let’s see if I had better luck in the next category…

All-Time Favorite Sci-fi Movie:

This time Stephanie’s choice cleaned house with the most votes by far for “Back to the Future.” After that there was no clear winner – Kati’s choice, “Fifth Element” got a couple of votes, but plenty of people disagreed with the options and wrote in their own. So, we had votes for “Star Wars,” “Serenity,” “Blade Runner,” and “Gattaca.” Honestly, all of those are great choices. Almost as good as my own choice, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” but once again I stand alone…or almost alone. I did have one vote, so at least there’s someone out there with taste. 😉

Concept that Could Really Happen:

Apparently Kati and Stephanie are switching off because Kati’s selection, “I, Robot,” was the clear winner here. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” got a couple of votes, followed by “Children of Men.” There were also written in answers for “Gattaca” and “Total Recall.”

Most Disturbing Premise:

And Kati wins the popular vote again with her excellent choice, “The Matrix.” “Twelve Monkeys” wasn’t too far behind, though, so I feel slightly vindicated. 😉 Next came “The Host,” followed by one written in choice for “The Body Snatchers.”

Best Sci-fi Sequel:

“The Empire Strikes Back” swept the floor, followed by a tie between Stephanie’s choice, “Terminator 2” and my choice, “X-Men 2.” There was also a written in choice for “Back to the Future Part 2.”

Most Unique Concept:

Now it was Stephanie’s turn to win by a landslide with “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” I wasn’t too far behind with “Cloud Atlas,” followed by a written in vote for “Event Horizon.” No one else chose “Sphere,” which honestly, I found a little surprising. On the other hand, it’s good for Kati to lose a couple here… 😉

Scariest Sci-fi:

Finally you people got it right! My choice won! Yay! 😉 So, that’s the majority vote for “Aliens,” but after that there was no clear winner. A vote for Kati’s choice of “Predator,” and then written in votes for “Dawn of the Dead,” “Fire in the Sky,” and “Alien (the first  movie),” and this time it was Stephanie’s turn to stand alone with “2001.”

So…it looks like Kati’s choices had the most votes, followed by Stephanie, and I’m apparently completely out there in left field. Ah, well. We also had a lot of great movies added to our awards list, so I don’t know about you, but I see some great sci fi movie watching marathons in my future. Thanks everyone for participating!

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

We decided it would be funny to choose a name in the least technologically-savvy way possible, just because this was a science fiction themed month. Ah, the irony! 😉 So we did the ole write down all the names and pull one out of a hat trick. Everyone who voted and left a comment was eligible, and Stephanie did the honors, since this was her ARC to give away. And the name chosen was…


Yay, Jill! We need your email address to arrange everything, so if you can either leave it in the comments, or if you’d prefer, you can just email our Mystic Cooking account directly at Mysticcooking05@gmail.com, and we’ll get that ARC right out to you. Happy reading!

Thanks again, everyone, for participating in our first ever polls and giveaway! Let us know if you enjoyed this and we’ll try and do more in the future!