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It’s our final Sci-fi-tember Fiction Friday, so I thought I’d do something a little different and recommend a great sci fi graphic novel.

I recently came across the first collected volume of SAGA, created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. It’s described as “an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series.” Very much a Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars, this series is amazing – it’s about Alana and Marko, two lovers from different races who have been at war with each other so long, pretty much the whole galaxy is divided into different sides in the war.

Alana and Marko meet and, against all the odds, fall in love. The first book begins just as Alana is giving birth to their daughter, Hazel, and soon the little family is on the run from just about everyone.

This book has amazing world building, and I love the science meets magic aspects of it. Alana’s people resemble fairies with their brightly colored wings, and they use high tech gadgetry to fight. Marko’s people all have horns, and at first I thought they looked almost demonic, with magic spells as their tools.

I loved the book so much I quickly read the second one, and now I’m debating about picking up each comic as it comes out, or waiting until there’s a third collected novel…decisions, decisions. The art is beautiful and the story is full of interesting characters, most of whom are more shades of grey than black or white in morality, which I also like.

Just a bit of a warning – this series does contain a lot of graphic scenes, both violent and sexual, as well as strong language, so definitely not for kids, and proceed with caution. That being said, it’s still a series worth checking out, especially if you like your comics on the weird or darker side.

How about you? Have any of you heard of SAGA? Is there another sci fi comic or graphic novel you’d recommend?