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seattleHello folks! Well, Sci-fi-tember sure was a lot of fun, but it seems to have worn us all out here at Mystic Cooking HQ. Sorry for the week of silence, but we’re back on this week with some fun spooky posts planned in honor of Halloween. But before that happens, here’s a quick wrap-up from September.

Kati kicked off the month with a sci fi comedy movie review. Our verdict? Grab your pint glasses and get yourself over to the World’s End, because that movie was great fun! Then I talked about nostalgia and how it’s just not as good as it used to be, before Stephanie brought us back to the movies with a discussion of the alternate ending to The Great Gatsby, and how the deleted scenes of a movie are similar to the editing of a book.

I talked briefly about the cold and the north, and fairy tales with giant polar bears, before we launched our Month’s Official Theme: everything science fiction! In honor of this, we renamed the month Sci-fi-tember.

Our first Sci-fi-tember post was about short sci fi stories I’d read as a child that still stick with me. And if you’ve got any others you want to add, I’m always looking for a great creepy premise, so let me know!

Stephanie talked about her love for sci fi, and what this genre means to her. Then Stephanie, Kati, and I discussed our favorite science fiction novels, before we launched our first ever poll – the Science Fiction Movie Awards! Yes folks, the Mystic Cooking blog really stepped up its game this month. 😉

In order to continue to one-up ourselves, we also offered our first ever giveaway – an ARC for the book ENTANGLED by Amy Rose Capetta. Congratulations again to Jill for winning, and we hope you like the book! And another shout out to all you wonderful readers for participating in our poll and joining in our science fiction discussions. 🙂 Speaking of the poll, we posted the results of our movie awards here. It turns out most people did not agree with me…I’m still flabbergasted. Ah, well.

Kati talked about fantasy versus science fiction, and then Stephanie shared some fun links to other great sci fi posts on the web. Then it was time for Fiction Friday and a review of SAGA, which is awesome! Seriously, if you like graphic novels, and even if you don’t, you should check it out. Just be warned – there is some very graphic language/scenes…

Then we were on to our final post of the month, where Stephanie, Kati, and I were joined by our very own scientist, my older sister Dr. Rosi Reed, to discuss things like the possibility of time travel and teleportation. If you’re thinking about teleporting anywhere, take a moment to check out this post first and then decide if it’s worth the risk…

So that about sums it up. Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride, and we hope you loved Sci-fi-tember as much as we did!