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Several months back Heidi and I talked about a conference we attended, and I showed you some of my Rapunzel character sketches.

Rapunzel pic.

Well, it was because of that conference that I started thinking about and planning out a Rapunzel comic. So I told Heidi my plans, and naturally she liked them, but she insisted that I should watch Tangled for more inspiration.

Tangled was really cute. I liked the characters, and I liked the changes that were made from the original story. For one thing, her parents were a lot more likeable in the movie than they were in the original fairytale. I mean, what kind of parents trade their kid for a vegetable? My boyfriend did feel that the ending was a wee bit of a cop-out, but since it alluded to the original fairytale, I was okay with it, and even liked it.

The thing the movie really had going for it (besides an awesome horse and some killer graphics) was the character growth. Rapunzel grew more brave throughout the story, and started to stand up to her “mother,” and Flynn, her love interest turned from kind of a selfish, cocky jerk to a decent person.

Really, I only had one complaint about it, and that was I did not believe Rapunzel was 18. I would have bought 16 at oldest, but definitely not 18. Besides that, I really enjoyed Tangled, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the “happily ever after” fairytales, or a good Disney movie.

So, have any of you seen Tangled? What did you think of it? Did you like that scene that alluded to the original fairytale, or did you think it was a bit of a deus ex machina, or as my boyfriend put it, a cop out?