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Hello all! Just a quick announcement – tomorrow Stephanie will be posting her wish list for Pitch Wars! Yay! That’s right, in case you missed it, not only is Pitch Wars coming around again, but our very own Stephanie is one of the mentors! We’re very excited! 😀

So first of all, if you have a finished manuscript, I definitely recommend you enter the contest. Brenda Drake has done such a good job of creating these super positive contests – everyone’s always really nice and supportive, the mentors are great, and the agents who are participating are all top notch. Kati and I entered last year and made it onto two different teams as the alternates – we met a lot of great people (including Stephanie) and have a couple of truly superb critique partners, all thanks to this contest. There’s no cost to enter, so really, what have you got to lose?

Convinced yet? Great! Then I’d like to leave you with a personal endorsement for Stephanie – she’s one of my critique partners, and I highly, highly recommend pitching to her. Highly. She’s got eagle eyes when it comes to story – I feel like our manuscript is about 200% better thanks to her, and I’m much more aware of many of my writing tics and bad habits – she catches it all! Plus she says it all really nicely. 🙂 So if your story falls within her wish list requirements, she’d be an excellent choice! Just sayin’. 😉

And finally…since Stephanie will be posting her wish list tomorrow, but mentors don’t receive pitches until December 2nd, we’ll be temporarily going on a blog hiatus so Stephanie’s post can stay right there, front and center. Plus it gives us more time to finish those pesky Nano novels…

So happy writing all. We’ll be cheering for all you Pitch Warriors from the sidelines – good luck! See you in December!

Smokey's agreed to hold our place until December...

Smokey’s agreed to hold our place until December…