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summerWell friends, it finally happened. Yesterday I broke my New Year’s resolution. It was to write at least a little every single day. Sounds easy, right? It should have been.

My parents and aunt visited for over a week and I still managed to keep this resolution up. Some days I’d forget until just before bed, and I’d hurry to type for a bit. Other days I was good and I got my writing done in the morning. Then I was hit with the flu, but I still managed to drag my coughing, sniffling, feverish self over to my laptop to write.

And then last night, as I lay in bed, I realized I hadn’t written yet. I mean, I’d written – emails, things for work, etc., but not any of my fiction so it doesn’t count. And I could have gotten up and done some writing, I could have stayed strong. But I decided to bow to the inevitable. “Hey,” I figured, “I’m bound to break it eventually anyways,” and so I went to sleep.

So in the end it was sheer laziness and a lack of belief in my ability to hold to a resolution through an entire year that defeated me. As is so often the case. But I’ve decided to brush that off and make a new resolution starting today: to write at least a little every day for as many days this year as I can.

How about you? Have any of you broken your resolutions yet? Or are you staying strong?