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I know, I know, “Frozen” is a movie, not a book, but I wanted to talk about it today anyways. Next Friday we’ll be doing a joint post about a really great new fairy tale retelling, so we’ll make it up to you all then. πŸ˜‰

My cousin dragged me to see “Frozen” when it first came out. I went in skeptically – I love animated films, but was expecting the same kind of formulaic storyline…and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised!

For those of you who don’t know, “Frozen” is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “Snow Queen.” It features two sisters: Elsa, the eldest, about to be crowned queen and terrified of her increasing ability to create ice and snow, and Anna, her younger sister, naive and desperate for love and attention. Elsa and Anna started off super close when they were younger, until Elsa accidentally injured Anna with her powers. Anna is healed, but she loses all memory of Elsa’s magical abilities, and meanwhile Elsa essentially locks herself away from the world as she struggles to control her power, terrified she’ll end up hurting someone else.

When their parents die (because of course, this is Disney), Anna hopes Elsa will open up to her again. She can’t remember the accident, so has no idea why her sister, once her closest friend, has completely shut her out of her life. On the day of Elsa’s coronation, they finally open the doors of the palace, and Anna thinks this is the new beginning she’s been waiting for, one where she won’t be alone anymore. She meets an attractive new prince, has a whirlwind romance, and things seem to be going really well…until Elsa’s power bursts out of control.

Elsa runs off into the wilderness, creating her own kingdom of ice and snow and accidentally plunging the whole land into perpetual winter, while Anna journeys out to find and stop/save her. Along the way she picks up some side characters, including Kristoff, an ice seller, and Olaf, a magical snowman who loves the idea of summer but doesn’t quite understand what that means for him.

There’s a great twist at the end which makes this whole movie much, much better. I actually guessed it right away (my cousin was very unamused…) but it was still well-done and definitely a nice change to the normal formula. I liked how the sisters’ relationship was at the heart of the movie for once – even though there’s romance, it’s their sibling bond that is the driving force here. My only real criticism is they could have fleshed out that relationship a little more. Instead of just the briefest of flashes of them when they were kids together, an extra five minutes showing us a little more would have made a big difference.

Still, I think “Frozen” was definitely worth seeing. The song “Let it Go” is all over the place now, and even I find myself humming it from time to time. The animation is cute, the story is unique, and like all my favorite fairy tales, it has a lovely Happily Ever After ending.

How about you? Have you seen “Frozen” yet? What did you think?