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Heidi and I recently read the book All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. This Science Fiction YA novel was a really great read, but in some ways I felt like I was watching some sort of accident that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from.

This book is about Em, who has instructions from another future version of herself to go back in time and kill someone she loves to prevent the creation of a horrible time machine. It’s told from future Em’s perspective, and from Marina’s perspective, or Em from the past who still loves that person.

Like I said earlier, I really enjoyed this book. The characters were great, the tension was high throughout, and I just love time travel. It was interesting how Cristin Terrill made me want both Em and Marina to succeed even though they had opposing objectives. The setting in the future was well described, and felt very bleak, and I loved how the character who Em is trying to kill is totally likeable in the past, but horrible in the future. What’s also impressive is how you can see how this character might turn into the monster that he/she does.

I know that Heidi really liked the ending to this book, and she felt it was the perfect conclusion, but I thought it was a little depressing. I can’t go into details on why I thought it was depressing without giving away some huge spoilers, so you’ll just have to read this book and tell us what you think.

For any of you that have read it, what did you think? Was the ending perfect, or a little depressing? Also, what do you think about this book being the first book in a series?